Mindful Moment - Yogi Becky Tames the Lions

"Hearing pre-teens 'om' and roar like lions is probably my new favorite thing ever," she texted after a particularly fun yoga session in Gilford. Yogi Becky has a lot of experience working with kids, but this is her first time teaching children's yoga.

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Mindful Mentors - Nine Teens who want to Lead

The new Mindful Mentor program has begun at the Derryfield School in Manchester, and it's incredible. Nine Juniors & Seniors are volunteering 40 hours of their summer vacation to mentor pods of littles.

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May's Mindful Moment - Get Outside!

Since spring is springing all around us, here’s an outdoorsy mini-meditation that can get us out of our heads and into our bodies:

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Today Baker: June 2020 Leader of the Month

Today Baker, yogi, board member, and children-enthusiast, teaches from the heart. She's July's Leader of the Month!

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