March 2020 Leader of the Month

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“This program is the most rewarding program with tennis that I have ever been involved with in my 27 years of coaching and teaching,” Coach Scott McDougald says - often - about his experience with the Advantage Kids youth in Nashua.

He has taken coaching off the court in such meaningful ways we can’t even begin to call him the leader of the month. He’s the leader of our hearts.

This past month, he implemented a Team Player of the Month award, and even had a plaque made up with twelve empty spaces for kids’ names to be engraved “So they can see they all have potential to be the best, in time.” He didn’t choose the winner, either! He had the kids write down who they thought deserved the award.

When Brittany and Dawn were away in Dallas, Scott took the mindfulness piece into his own hands, focusing on team building and talking about one of his favorite inspiring films, “Freedom Writers," which he encouraged the kids to watch and reflect upon at home. He understands that the Nashua youth come from traumatic backgrounds, are socioeconomically disadvantaged, and have a different set of challenges than most - and it is his personal mission in life to see them rise up out of their circumstances with strength, courage, and resilience.

Every day that he’s out there with the kids, he is showing up for them as a mentor, friend, and coach. They know he loves them, and it matters. Thanks, Scott. We couldn’t do it without you.

Leader of the Month