Leader of the Month July 2021 - Kim Corsak

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I’m grateful to be a part of the inspiration that’s thriving here at Advantage Kids. Warm weather and the growing season is here, but this valuable program aims to nurture all year long.

As a yoga educator, I help increase awareness of the link between the mind and body connection. The beauty of this program is exceptionally unique in sharing these common goals. I have the opportunity to be part of Advantage Kids and their mission to enhance the lives of underserved kids through tennis and yoga. Thank you Dawn & Brittany for including me.

Advantage Kids is an NJTL, National Junior Tennis & Learning Organization in partnership with the US Tennis Association offering New Hampshire’s youth the benefits of tennis and yoga. Advantage Kids invites the children for free to explore the mind and body connection through their tennis program combined with social-emotional learning to empower them on and off the court.

Founded by Arthur Ashe fifty years ago, the NJTL model exists throughout the country, offering tennis and learning to thousands of youth in different ways. Advantage Kids is New Hampshire’s only NJTL and one of few offering mindfulness in the country.

Science shows the profound effect mindfulness & meditation practices have on kids increasing their ability to self-regulate, focus and connect. Combining these two activities as “Tennis + Yoga” is a great match that provides these kids an advantage in tennis, school, and life.

- Excerpt from Kim's social media post early June 2020

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