Today Baker: June 2020 Leader of the Month

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Today Baker was the yoga instructor for most of the Lakes Region Tennis PLUS (yoga + meditation) program this summer. She took voracious notes on the kids because she was deeply impressed and moved by the program - she is a steward of Advantage Kids for life, now. Here's just some of what she had to say about her experience this season:

"I can not say enough good about this phenomenal program (Advantage Kids) and the two incredible women who head everything from operations & the organization (of many sites!) to enriching content and execution. They lead from their heart!  The Tennis Coaches care personally and see the potential in each participant! They provided direction and encouragement, taught skills and healthy competition!  I miss my yogi's immensely - having the honor of sharing time this summer, teaching yoga and witnessing each of them progress not in only poses, but in their level of esteem, confidence, courage and trust.... The insight, the curiosity, the willingness to try something new, to come in feeling shy and be willing to do story telling half way through the programs... truly moving & brings tears to my eyes just thinking about them! Community was created within each group and each child has grown individually! Beautiful to witness!"

She taught sixteen yoga and meditation sessions each week, sharing photos and stories after each one. Then, at the end of season donor and board appreciation party, Today even stood up and spoke, with tears in her eyes, about how wonderful this experience has been. We love you, Today!!

Leader of the Month