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Gilford has a legendary Boys varsity tennis program due to their tennis coach...Terry Wilson!  For the last 20 years he has coached, mentored and guided generations of tennis lovers.

We here at AK have reaped the benefit of Terry’s impeccable record and golden touch. In 2019, we have been blessed to have 6 of Terry’s former high school varsity tennis players teach tennis in our free summer programs offered in the Lakes Region. The character and ability of these kids to teach and guide is a testament to Terry’s leadership. Terry knew he had something special going on when he was able to retain players from Freshman year through graduation. He says “If any coach has kids for 4 years they can count themselves lucky."  

Terry has been fortunate in his 20 years of coaching to have won 7 state championships and runner up 5 times.  Between the years of 2012-2018 his team has won 97 straight matches encompassing 5 state championships. Terry expresses this success quite simply as a “Great great run!”  This type of record doesn't happen on accident.

When asked what motivates him, Terry’s response was simple.  He enjoys working with kids. Their excitement is his reward.  They are 100% genuine. His strength is in his ability to change and adapt to the children. Young kids show up and are so eager to learn.  

20 years of coaching experience boils down to 3 basic principles according to Terry.  These principles can be applied to more than just tennis. Be safe, learn something and then test your skills.  Terry has found this recipe works to keep his players motivated to learn not only in tennis but also in life.

One thing terry loves about tennis is the underdog can be the hero. The beauty of tennis is that you are putting your #1 player against their #1 player and your #6 player against their #6 player. Your #6 player is as important as your #1 player. They have the chance to win and end up being the superstar.

Terry Wilson has been teaching tennis for Advantage Kids since the inception in 2012 at the town courts or the Laconia Boys and Girls Club.  He has been playing tennis for 25-30 years and coaching the Gilford varsity boys tennis team for 20 years. He became a certified USPTA certified instructor in 2006.  Two of his former students who work for AK are now certified tennis pros or in the process of becoming certified.

Terry has two families...his immediate family and his tennis family.  We would like to thank him for being part of the Advantage Kids family!

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