Mt Washington Valley, NH

Spring programs begin in five towns May 10th!

Mount Washington Valley Tennis

This region boasts of impressive mountains, beautiful lake sand rivers, and a population of rural kids and families that really love Advantage Kids tennis. Programs take place year-round (current limitations notwithstanding)in multiple Mount Washington Valley towns, both indoor and outdoor, lead by professional tennis pros and certified yoga instructors.

Headed by retired superintendent of schools and lifetime tennis coach Kent Hemingway, programs in the Northernmost part of the state are thriving. The famous Mountain Tennis men’s tournament every year is a crowd favorite, funding scholarships for the fall and winter advanced beginner sessions.

You can find Advantage Kids Tennis PLUS (yoga + meditation) a lot of places

Thanks to our partners in the north, King Pine, Jackson Tennis Club, the Eastern Slope Inn, USTA New Hampshire, and the Dana Steele Memorial Fund.

Look for programs to start up again in Spring 2021 at the following locations:

  • King Pine
  • Jackson Tennis Club
  • Eastern Slope Inn
  • Mount Cranmore
Tennis PLUS (Yoga + Meditation) Serves Kids Resilience

Tennis PLUS (Yoga + Meditation) introduces kids to the lifelong activities of tennis and yoga with beginner instruction from professional, certified instructors in a low-pressure, fun, social environment. No equipment is necessary; participants will learn all the skills they need to hit, play, keep score, and rally in tennis along with gaining self-confidence, resilience, and mental toughness through yoga and meditation. All ages are welcome.

Our Vision for the Valley

Mount Washington Valley has been the home up north for Advantage Kids since Kent helped Founder Bob and the team get the organization going back in 2012. Kent coached, headed up some schools, and was looking toward retirement. He knew he wanted to keep the sport of tennis, and a thriving youth development offering, alive in the rural northern parts of New Hampshire.

In these past eight years, Kent has lead countless programs, touching the lives of hundreds of kids through coaching, days of play, and good old fashioned inspiration. Working alongside his wife Carolyn as an Advantage Kids Leader means he helps us shape the future of our offerings, meeting the needs of school-aged kids closer to the root.

We see Advantage Kids Tennis PLUS (Yoga + Meditation)Programs growing even more into the fabric of the Mount Washington Valley community and culture. We see partnerships with elementary and middle schools for Tennis PLUS after-school clubs and seasonal Team Tournament days of play with other New Hampshire area clubs. We see high schoolers reviving their tennis teams and working with Advantage Kids as Mindful Mentors while moving onto their own Advanced Tennis Plus sessions. We see kids growing into better versions of themselves through years of tennis and yoga.

Our Mission

Becoming better players; being better people

Tennis PLUS (yoga + meditation) is about more than the game. It's about youth development - connecting kids to each other and their own innermost selves - and opportunities for life.