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Kids who play tennis & practice yoga do better in school and make healthier choices.
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Tennis + Yoga = A Lifelong Advantage

FREE! Tennis + Yoga (or low cost)

As always, teaching free (or low cost) tennis + yoga to hundreds of  New Hampshire youth

AK Match Play

New! Organized competitive play opportunities for kids who can rally, serve, and score

Mindful Mentors

Teens who want to make a difference - and build leadership skills - mentor the younger kids

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Our Mission

Advantage Kids introduces New Hampshire youth to the benefits of tennis and yoga, helping them develop in body and mind.

Our Vision

Advantage Kids will continue to inspire thousands of children every year through tennis and yoga, for a lifetime of success on and off the court.

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Advantage Kids offers Tennis + Yoga, combining the lifelong game of tennis with the mindful lifestyle of yoga to inspire and empower New Hampshire kids. Find us at parks, Boys & Girls Clubs, schools, and athletic facilities from Mt. Washington Valley to Nashua and everywhere in-between!

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What They Say About Us

My children have now participated in the Advantage Kids Summer program for 2 years. This year with the added benefits of yoga, I can see the difference in my kids. Yoga gives you such a wonderful tool to help with uncertain times and with stress of the unknown. Teaching this knowledge is forever helpful.

Participant Parent

Having the opportunity to teach Yoga to kids while supporting a healthy lifestyle that includes the incredible sport of tennis has been one of my favorite things to do! It is much more interactive than your usual Yoga class. Plus, you get to learn just as much from your students as they do from you!

Christie Rochette
Yoga Teacher

My daughter struggles with ADHD and some social issues. In most sports she stands out and feels uncomfortable. Not tennis. Jaylynn is able to participate in yoga and tennis, have interactions with others and not stand out. As a mom, this is awesome! Best feeling for me and her!

Participant Parent
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Frequently Asked

Does my child have to do both tennis and yoga?

All Tennis + Yoga programs include both tennis and yoga, and every kid is expected (and usually thrilled!) to participate in both parts. Some programs, like the AK Match Play events, are only tennis. We are seeing that kids who practice yoga alongside tennis become better players, faster - the two practices compliment each other perfectly!

Does my child need their own equipment?

Advantage Kids provides tennis racquets, balls and yoga mats.  However, it is best if your child has their own mat, racquets, and balls so they can continue to practice yoga and play tennis at home. We do have inexpensive, previously-loved racquets for sale and we give racquets to kids who ask!

What is the weather cancellation policy?

We cancel lessons for extreme heat (95+ degrees) or rain in the forecast at the time of lessons in each specific location. Group text messages are sent to participants' cell phone numbers at 2 hours before lessons are scheduled to begin. Please make sure your cell phone number is the one to text when you register!

Do we have to wear masks while we play tennis and do yoga?

We follow all New Hampshire, USTA, and Federal guidelines, which we watch closely to adapt and change with the situation. Currently, NH has removed the mask mandate, so masks are optional in all programs.

Have any questions?

We do our best to make this easy on you, with program registrations, donation options, and even FAQs all right here. But we know sometimes it's nice to chat. So feel free to contact our staff for more info!

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